Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My week in CO the first few days

My sister is officially making the move to CO so naturally I offered to roadtrip out with her. Plan of action find her a place to live and work then I fly home at the end of the week. I have been looking forward to this trip for a while because 1 it was going to be fun and 2 I was in need of a mommy break.(Moms don't act like you don't want or need them too. It's completely OKAY!) 

Anyway we left on Monday morning for our nice drive through KS to CO. We just chatted about life and everything important and nothing important at all. We made pretty good time and arrived in Denver at about 6 mountain time. 
We went to dinner with my brother who already lives in Denver and is coming up on his 10th year here. We went to a fun little bar/restaurant called Forrest Room 5. It's a really neat place and had vegan food options, double win! After we had ice cream at this ice cream stand. While standing in line we watched a huge storm roll in. The lightening that came with it was intense and beautiful. It started to drop big rain drops on us so we ran to the car! It was hailing and raining by the time we made it home. We all settled in and watched a few episodes of different tv shows then went to bed early. We were tired from traveling all day! 

Tuesday was apartment hunt day. Chris made us oatmeal and smoothies for breakfast. I should have taken a picture because it was awesome! After breakfast I went for a run around the lake by his house. It's called Sloan's Lake. 
View of downtown from one side and mountains from the other. (A little harder to see the mountains today than normal) Awesome! It's one of my favorite places to run. 
After my run Sarah and I got ready then started the apartment hunt. We drove all over close to the area Chris lives in to check out places. We ended up finding some serious NOs and some possibilities. We found this wall beside a high school there in town and it was so fitting for the situation. 
We came back to Chris' and he took us to a Thai restaurant that was yummy. We did some more apartment/house searching on the internet. Then we went to a pizza place called hops & pie so Sarah could apply. It smelled so good in there I was a little sad that I wasn't actually hungry. We did all enjoy a beer before we came back to the house. Our evening plans were a movie at Red Rocks. Sarah and I got really excited when we got to Red Rocks and realized that it was Hunger Games: Catching Fire not just Hunger Games that was playing. There were two bands playing before the movie and the first one sucked. The other one was Boy and Bear, they were Australian and awesome! (Check them out and let me know what you think) There was a comedian too and he was actually pretty funny but I can't remember his name. The movie was so good. It was even better because we were watching it surrounded by the best view for any outdoor movie I've ever been to! 

Wednesday plans are to go hit a few bars so Sarah can apply. We will also be roaming around downtown Denver. I might just convince her to go to the Rockies game! 

Wednesday we went to the Rockies game! We bought $5 tickets from a guy outside. We didn't stay for the entire game but it was still fun!
Before we actually went to the game we had brunch at this place called The Lobby. I had the pickle plate (which I didn't photograph) and a Bloody Mary with cucumber/dill infused svedka, it was so good!
Check them out if you are ever in Denver. We also went to a bar called Star Bar. They have skiball enough said! No really it seemed like it would be a hoppin' place during normal business hours. Also a fun place for Sarah to work since they have lots of new beer constantly. Every vacation day calls for some down time of sitting and just relaxing so we did that between our bar hops and dinner. We also went to look at a basement apartment for Sarah to live in. It seems like it will be a sweet deal if it works out! Yay! We had Mexican food for dinner at Mezcau. Three yummy salsas and margarits. I also had the cheese enchiladas with black beans and rice. Now we are back home to lounge and get ready for a day of fun tomorrow. I have declared tomorrow adventure day! Only a day and a half before going home. (I'm missing my boys so I'm ready! After my adventure day though.)

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