Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Makeup or No Makeup

Yesterday at the gym this lady asked me if I was feeling okay today. I was a little off my normal peppy morning game but I still had a smile on my face. Later in the evening I was thinking about how I looked when she asked me if I was feeling okay. She has asked me before when I was sick and other days when I was fine so I figured there had to be a connection with my appearance. There was I wasn't wearing any makeup this time or the times before. I don't particularly like to put makeup on before I go to the gym because I'm just going to sweat and have to redo it! 

It got me thinking though, do I really look that terrible when I don't have makeup on? Do I wear makeup so often that the people that see me multiple times a week think I look sick or not my normal self without it. The lady at the gym isn't the only one who has asked me how I am feeling on a day I don't wear makeup. It annoys me, by the way, when people just assume I'm sick or not feeling well just because I'm not wearing makeup. I know people ask they are just trying to check on me and showing that they care. However, don't have to wear it and sometimes I just don't make the time in my day to put it on!

I decided to do progress pictures of my looks and levels of makeup I typically wear. I pretty much wear my hair the same every day, especially now that I got it cut and I don't like it. I used to braid it but now its too short to braid, sad very sad. Now I just put it up in a ponytail bun and wrap a head band, scarf or bandana around my head. So here we go my different levels of makeup.

First up, no makeup. It's me how I look a lot of the time. I do have earrings in but you can't see them in this picture.
No Makeup
 Next up, mascara, eye liner & chapstick. This is probably my most frequent look actually. It's simple and quick to do. I can slap this on in the car at a stop light. 

Mascara, eye liner & chap stick.
Finally we have my "full" makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner & a foundation lotion mixture. The only times I really do my full makeup are for a date night, or a rare night out with friends. I do a little more detailed eye shadow if we are having pictures taken or for a special event. 

"Full" makeup
I personally like to only wear mascara and eye liner. Sometimes I will wear a lightly colored lip gloss if I can find it at the time. Just because I don't like to wear makeup doesn't mean I'm sick or not feeling well! 

Do you like to wear makeup? How much makeup do you wear? Do you have looks for different times of day or seasons of the year? 

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