Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Today I took Blake for his first dentist appointment. I technically took him to the dentist a while back but I don't count that. We went to the Indian Clinic in Sapulpa and it was a nightmare. As soon as we got to the door he was freaking out because he saw someone inside with a mask on. You know the kind that doctors wear. Yeah it freaked him out bad. My MIL and I both went into explanation mode immediately. Telling him it was to keep the man from breathing in any germs or from his germs getting on anyone else. We got him distracted enough to wait our turn to see the dentist. When we finally went back with him the rooms and chairs freaked him out all over again. Andrew sat in the chair and held him while I tried to rub his head and calm him down. She looked at his teeth while he screamed his head off. Then she said "I'm finished, his teeth look great!" I was just happy to get him out of there because it was ridiculous.

Today at his real first dental appointment I wasn't sure what to expect other than screams and fits. We went to Fox/Broermann upon a recommendation by our pediatrician. Come to find out I know quite a few people who take their kids there too! When we got off the elevator he said "it stinks in here" they were doing construction somewhere on the floor. Little did I know it was in our actual dentist office. We walked in and there were pretty much no walls. It looked so strange but was obvious they were making progress and improvements to the office. I think the first thing Blake saw was other kids sitting in "the chairs" as he calls them. Then he noticed the train table and was off to play trains while I checked in. I had already finished all the paperwork on line so I just had to sign a couple of things. That is the best idea ever, all doctors offices should have this available! They took a picture of Blake for their files and then we were set to wait.

We really didn't wait very long I'd say 10 minutes max but we also left to go to the bathroom during this time. (I figured out once we got into the bathroom that my little smarty pants thought we could just go home as soon as we were out of the office.) We went back to a little kid friendly exam room. They had a bug with real teeth, a bag full of toys and pictures of animals from the neck up on the wall. Of course Blake started digging in the toy bucket immediately. He found a book The Tooth Book which we didn't even have time to read before our girl came in. She introduced herself to us and we talked about what would happen this visit while Blake played with toys. She also went through a goodie bag with Blake so that he would unglue himself from my legs! He got 2 new tooth brushes, a plastic mouth mirror just like the dentist uses, tooth paste and floss. He was so excited about all of his stuff I think he forgot where we were. Yay! I'm not sure if Brandi was a hygienist or not but she was so great! She told Blake  exactly what Dr. Fox was going to do when she came in. He was prepared but still not completely sold. When Dr. Fox came in she introduced herself to me then to Blake. She was so good with him. He was still a little afraid of the chair so she didn't make him lay back just sit back. She counted her fingers, then his and then said okay now I'm going to count your teeth let me see that smile. He just gave her the biggest grin he could. He listened to her so well and did everything she asked! She was even able to poke at his teeth to check for cavities/soft spots! She took pictures of his teeth and the inside of his mouth with this fancy camera. He thought that was cool because he got to see his teeth on the computer screen above him! Then he let her "paint" his teeth with fluoride! Seriously I was super impressed and he didn't cry at all the entire time we were there. He left with a toy, a sticker and a balloon. I left with a happy child. Win win!
Playing with his balloon in the hallway as we were leaving.
Counting my teeth with his mirror and gloves from our visit to the dentist today.

His goodies minus the mirror and balloon.
I also got tips for at home care of his teeth so we can keep them shiny, white and cavity free! Some are the common things we do daily but some will be helpful for when we go back in 6 months and he actually gets his teeth cleaned! Here they are:
*brush at least twice a day, if the morning brushing is skipped for whatever reason just make sure you get the before bed brushing in
*brush his teeth for him until he is 8-9 years old, let him take a turn but then go over them again
*when brushing his teeth have him lay with his head in my lap so that I can see everything really well and it will get him used to laying in "the chair" it won't feel so uncomfortable for him next time
*focus on flossing between his back teeth since they are closer together and that's where cavities tend to form
*use a tooth paste with fluoride
*no milk, juice, or any other beverage in bed at night except for water, if he needs it (he will)
*since he takes a vitamin the hard Flinstone type ones are better than the gummies because of all the sugar in gummies (that includes fruit snacks and other snacks similar, they aren't good for teeth)
*they are available for after hour calls if there is ever an emergency, the office phone goes directly to their cell phone, this might cost us extra but may also come in very handy someday with an active toddler

Like I said some of these things are given but I loved the laying his head in my lap advise! He is so stubborn and headstrong when it comes to teeth brushing that it can easily become a battle. I'm hoping that it will become a calming time instead with this trick! The crazy thing about brushing teeth is that he will let me floss daily but hates the tooth brush! We did an electric one for a while but it became more of a toy and device to scrub everything except his teeth! I have to admit that with him we often skip the morning brushing session. We get busy, rushed or I just flat out don't want to have the battle to begin the day so I was relieved that it wasn't hurting us to skip that time. We normally try to brush after lunch and after bath so we get twice a day in most days, probably not as many days as we should but we will be working on that!

When it comes to doctors for my boy or even myself I love when they listen and are helpful. I'm so glad we have a great pediatrician and now pediatric dentist!

I go to the dentist tomorrow and I know my report won't be as great as Blake's was but I do love my dentist! Andrew and I both go to Dr. Webster.

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