Friday, July 25, 2014

My Favorite Hair Product

I used to have super thick curly hair, then I had a baby. No joke my hair became thin (for me) and straight after having B. I used to go get my hair thinned out every other month it probably needed it monthly but I hate paying for a hair cut. The first time I have had my hair thinned since having B was about a month ago, he is 3. Now my hair is finally starting to get back to that nice thickness it was my entire life but the curl on the other hand it's not coming back. I hate that because now instead of it taking me 5-10 minutes to fix my hair it takes me 30 on a good day. No more showering and running out the door within 30 minutes. Who am I kidding that hasn't happened in 3 years!

I do still have some wave in my hair but it's an in between what do I do with this mess look. I have to either work hard and careful with it to scrunch it or I have to straighten it. Either way it takes me 30 minutes if I don't want to just throw it in a ponytail. Since I no longer have the luxury of simply scrunching my hair, touching it with the blow dryer and walking out the door I've been experimenting with hair products that make straightening my hair less work. I'll spare you the list of things I have tried and go with my favorite product. 

Not your Mother's Smooth Moves

I absolutely love this stuff! I've been using it for about 4 months now. It makes my hair soft, shiny, and most importantly straight! It doesn't leave any residue or greasy feeling on my hair. I think my hair is healthier since I've been using it. I towel dry my hair or leave the towel on my hair for about 10 minutes after I shower. I use a small amount about the size of a nickel, rub it in my hair then brush it through. I blow dry my hair and that's it! I don't even have to use the straightener which means less damage to my hair and it's fixed faster! My hair is soft and frizz free and I love it!

I have recommended this to a few of my friends recently. I even loaned it to my teenage neighbor to make managing her hair easier and they bought some! Depending on the length and thickness of your hair more or less may be necessary but I promise it is worth it! Also look for it to be on sale at Ulta they had it on sale buy one get one half off or something like that a few months ago. I pick mine up at Target normally because I'm there more frequently than I am anywhere else!

This stuff has seriously made dealing with my changing hair so much easier! Do you need something to make straightening your hair easier try it and let me know what you think!

*This product review is not endorsed by Not Your Mother's products. It is just an honest opinion from a mom sharing something that I love and makes my life a little easier!*

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