Saturday, July 26, 2014

Grilled Pizzas - Yummy

Last weekend when I was making our menu for the week Andrew suggested doing homemade pizzas on the grill. I love pizza so I was pretty excited about it. I put it on for our Friday meal because I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to prep everything plus I don't know how to start the charcoal grill. So yesterday was Friday and our pizza grilling night turned out awesome!

Andrew found this post on the kitchn (no I didn't leave out the 'e' that's how they spell it) about grilled pizzas and it was perfect for our plan. If you haven't see this blog check it out, its awesome! We actually use it for cooking instructions quite often. 

I used the quick version of the pizza dough from the kitchn. Here is the recipe. 
Makes 8 small pizzas
  1 2/3 cups water
  1 or 2 teaspoons active dry or instant yeast
  1/4 cup olive oil
  5 cups all-purpose flour
  2 teaspoons salt
  If you want to use the pizza dough that same day, use 2 teaspoons yeast. If you are     going to let the dough rise overnight, use 1 teaspoon yeast.
  Mix the water and yeast together in the bowl of a stand mixer or a large mixing bowl.   Let stand for a few minutes until the yeast is dissolved. Stir the oil into the yeast           mixture, then add the flour and salt. Mix with a spatula until a shaggy, floury dough is   formed.
  Knead the dough on low speed with a dough hook for 5 to 7 minutes, or knead by         hand on the counter for 6 to 8 minutes. When kneaded, the dough should form a           smooth ball, feel smooth to the touch, and spring slowly back when poked.
  Use a pastry scraper or knife to cut the dough into 8 lumps. Grease a baking pan           lightly with olive oil or baking spray. Place the dough lumps in the pan and turn them     over so they are coated with oil. Cover the pan with plastic wrap or a damp kitchen       towel.
I used 2 teaspoons of yeast and let the dough rise for about 2 hours. It was ready in an hour but we weren't! The dough was fast to put together and I was able to do it only an hour before people showed up which I loved. Follow the link above for cooking instructions, I had no part in that since we were using the hasty bake.

My second batch of dough,
it was prettier than the first but they tasted the same!
For our toppings we had: spinach, arugula, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella balls sliced, sliced Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, turkey pepperoni, pepperoni, mushrooms, orange bell pepper, prosciutto, nearly caramelized onions, roasted garlic, EVOO, balsamic reduction, red pizza sauce,  fresh basil, green olives, shredded mozzarella and a shredded cheese mixture. We had so many different options that each persons pizza came out as unique as they are! For the kids we just did a basic pepperoni pizza. They were so excited to help make their own pizzas once they figured out it was time. We had already taken their pizzas to the grill in the picture but aren't they cute!

They didn't want their picture taken.

The dough cooked on the grill so much faster than I expected it to. When the dough was ready to be made into pizzas I wasn't even ready to start making them. It almost overwhelmed and stressed me for a second because I like for every second of everything to flow smoothly. (Really only things that we put on at our house.) I didn't let it get to me though! I just started telling people to make their pizzas and found a place to stack the dough that was ready. It was so much fun and even worked out fine in our tiny kitchen! We ended up making 9 pizzas which were all eaten. I seriously think the dough made the pizza but our topping choices weren't bad either!

I kept forgetting to take pictures because we were busy enjoying ourselves but we did get a few! 

My little pizza on the grill all alone!
I waited until everyone else had made a pizza.
There were at least two pizzas on at all times until the end.
My finished product with some balsamic reduction on the side!
Becky's pizza, by far the prettiest one made!

We had a fun night hanging out with friends and eating good food. We had an friend from high school here and our friends we hang out with all the time. I love being able to let our boys play together and watch them. They play together really well and fight like siblings too! I love it!

If you were thinking of making homemade pizzas try out this dough, you won't be disappointed!

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Favorite Hair Product

I used to have super thick curly hair, then I had a baby. No joke my hair became thin (for me) and straight after having B. I used to go get my hair thinned out every other month it probably needed it monthly but I hate paying for a hair cut. The first time I have had my hair thinned since having B was about a month ago, he is 3. Now my hair is finally starting to get back to that nice thickness it was my entire life but the curl on the other hand it's not coming back. I hate that because now instead of it taking me 5-10 minutes to fix my hair it takes me 30 on a good day. No more showering and running out the door within 30 minutes. Who am I kidding that hasn't happened in 3 years!

I do still have some wave in my hair but it's an in between what do I do with this mess look. I have to either work hard and careful with it to scrunch it or I have to straighten it. Either way it takes me 30 minutes if I don't want to just throw it in a ponytail. Since I no longer have the luxury of simply scrunching my hair, touching it with the blow dryer and walking out the door I've been experimenting with hair products that make straightening my hair less work. I'll spare you the list of things I have tried and go with my favorite product. 

Not your Mother's Smooth Moves

I absolutely love this stuff! I've been using it for about 4 months now. It makes my hair soft, shiny, and most importantly straight! It doesn't leave any residue or greasy feeling on my hair. I think my hair is healthier since I've been using it. I towel dry my hair or leave the towel on my hair for about 10 minutes after I shower. I use a small amount about the size of a nickel, rub it in my hair then brush it through. I blow dry my hair and that's it! I don't even have to use the straightener which means less damage to my hair and it's fixed faster! My hair is soft and frizz free and I love it!

I have recommended this to a few of my friends recently. I even loaned it to my teenage neighbor to make managing her hair easier and they bought some! Depending on the length and thickness of your hair more or less may be necessary but I promise it is worth it! Also look for it to be on sale at Ulta they had it on sale buy one get one half off or something like that a few months ago. I pick mine up at Target normally because I'm there more frequently than I am anywhere else!

This stuff has seriously made dealing with my changing hair so much easier! Do you need something to make straightening your hair easier try it and let me know what you think!

*This product review is not endorsed by Not Your Mother's products. It is just an honest opinion from a mom sharing something that I love and makes my life a little easier!*

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Toys Everywhere

I'm serious when I say that we have toys everywhere. I have even loaned out toys to friends and we are still on toy overload here. I have to honestly say that we didn't buy even half of them. We bought some of them but not many. 

Here's what comes to mind when I think of the toys we have. Multiple fire trucks of all sizes, almost all the male planes from the planes movie, helicopters, monster trucks big and small, almost all the cars movie cars with duplicates, blocks of all sizes, two work benches, tools both plastic and wooden, cars did I mention cars there are everywhere, trains- geotrax and wooden, doctor supplies, duplo legos hundreds (I know it will get worse as he gets older), hats lot of hats and musical instruments! That doesn't even cover everything or the garage full of stuff we have outside.

I feel like I'm complaining, I'm not, I'm very grateful that he has tons of people that love him and buy toys for him. I'm also grateful that they only do so at holidays. My purpose and point today is how many is too many and how to handle all of them. Seriously.

Do all kids have this many toys? I feel like the answer is no but some of his friends have this many toys or close. What is the point of so many toys? I know he loves them and they keep him entertained while I do things (like blog) but isn't just half as many enough. 

I try to handle the massive amounts of toys by switching them out but come on lets be honest, that doesn't happen very often and if I box them up they stay boxed up! I have created a system of rotation lately that is helpful. I have these handy shelves (two of them). I put one in his closet and the other out in his room. I switch the bins from the closet to his bedroom so that he isn't playing with the same toys all the time. Sometimes its as simple as trading just a few bins or as complex as trading them all out. I normally trade when I super clean and organize his room once a month. He can get the toys from his closet whenever he wants but he seems to play with stuff thats out in his room most often. Rotating the bins from closet to room is so much easier than boxing up stuff and then getting other stuff out. I also go through and eliminate toys that he has either outgrown or doesn't ever play with. At this age and stage it is getting easier to eliminate toys that are "babyish" but not toys that he doesn't play with. I think somehow he manages to touch every toy he has but mostly when friends are over.

Having friends over is what makes me think about the massive amount of toys we have. Right now I am surrounded by monster trucks, cars, and planes. I think I see a toy I didn't even know we had! 

By the end of our play time inside today the three boys that were playing had every car, truck, plane, and track we own out. My house was a disaster area but I loved every minute of it! It was so fun to build the track for them to all play with a train on. Even though they got really loud and rough it was still so awesome to watch them race the bigger vehicles all over the house. (Nothing was broken on anyone or in my house!) They all played so well together and played will all the toys, so maybe that's why we have so many! If it weren't for having 4 different geotrax train options how would they have ever gotten along all day! Haha really though three year olds and sharing really is a tough concept! They did do a great job at helping clean up all the toys before we went to play outside though. I gave each one a bucket and a toy to pick up "you put all the planes in this bucket" and with a little help from my friend we had everything put away in no time at all! Doesn't get much better! (I also don't have to reorganize and rotate toys now!) 

As I started this today I was actually hating the fact that we have a million toys but I think I've come to appreciate them in the right moment. I don't think that having as many as we do is necessary but I also don't know how to determine the appropriate number. My guess is that there really isn't one. I try to give toys away or loan them out as often as I can. I even throw away or recycle broken toys if they can't be fixed. I really just wish I had more space to store them! Operation toy room coming soon stay tuned!

Cousin's playing with the race car track.

All three of them playing with the Geotrax that I managed to put together.

Friends because their mommas are friends!

Cousin's relaxing after a fun day!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Today I took Blake for his first dentist appointment. I technically took him to the dentist a while back but I don't count that. We went to the Indian Clinic in Sapulpa and it was a nightmare. As soon as we got to the door he was freaking out because he saw someone inside with a mask on. You know the kind that doctors wear. Yeah it freaked him out bad. My MIL and I both went into explanation mode immediately. Telling him it was to keep the man from breathing in any germs or from his germs getting on anyone else. We got him distracted enough to wait our turn to see the dentist. When we finally went back with him the rooms and chairs freaked him out all over again. Andrew sat in the chair and held him while I tried to rub his head and calm him down. She looked at his teeth while he screamed his head off. Then she said "I'm finished, his teeth look great!" I was just happy to get him out of there because it was ridiculous.

Today at his real first dental appointment I wasn't sure what to expect other than screams and fits. We went to Fox/Broermann upon a recommendation by our pediatrician. Come to find out I know quite a few people who take their kids there too! When we got off the elevator he said "it stinks in here" they were doing construction somewhere on the floor. Little did I know it was in our actual dentist office. We walked in and there were pretty much no walls. It looked so strange but was obvious they were making progress and improvements to the office. I think the first thing Blake saw was other kids sitting in "the chairs" as he calls them. Then he noticed the train table and was off to play trains while I checked in. I had already finished all the paperwork on line so I just had to sign a couple of things. That is the best idea ever, all doctors offices should have this available! They took a picture of Blake for their files and then we were set to wait.

We really didn't wait very long I'd say 10 minutes max but we also left to go to the bathroom during this time. (I figured out once we got into the bathroom that my little smarty pants thought we could just go home as soon as we were out of the office.) We went back to a little kid friendly exam room. They had a bug with real teeth, a bag full of toys and pictures of animals from the neck up on the wall. Of course Blake started digging in the toy bucket immediately. He found a book The Tooth Book which we didn't even have time to read before our girl came in. She introduced herself to us and we talked about what would happen this visit while Blake played with toys. She also went through a goodie bag with Blake so that he would unglue himself from my legs! He got 2 new tooth brushes, a plastic mouth mirror just like the dentist uses, tooth paste and floss. He was so excited about all of his stuff I think he forgot where we were. Yay! I'm not sure if Brandi was a hygienist or not but she was so great! She told Blake  exactly what Dr. Fox was going to do when she came in. He was prepared but still not completely sold. When Dr. Fox came in she introduced herself to me then to Blake. She was so good with him. He was still a little afraid of the chair so she didn't make him lay back just sit back. She counted her fingers, then his and then said okay now I'm going to count your teeth let me see that smile. He just gave her the biggest grin he could. He listened to her so well and did everything she asked! She was even able to poke at his teeth to check for cavities/soft spots! She took pictures of his teeth and the inside of his mouth with this fancy camera. He thought that was cool because he got to see his teeth on the computer screen above him! Then he let her "paint" his teeth with fluoride! Seriously I was super impressed and he didn't cry at all the entire time we were there. He left with a toy, a sticker and a balloon. I left with a happy child. Win win!
Playing with his balloon in the hallway as we were leaving.
Counting my teeth with his mirror and gloves from our visit to the dentist today.

His goodies minus the mirror and balloon.
I also got tips for at home care of his teeth so we can keep them shiny, white and cavity free! Some are the common things we do daily but some will be helpful for when we go back in 6 months and he actually gets his teeth cleaned! Here they are:
*brush at least twice a day, if the morning brushing is skipped for whatever reason just make sure you get the before bed brushing in
*brush his teeth for him until he is 8-9 years old, let him take a turn but then go over them again
*when brushing his teeth have him lay with his head in my lap so that I can see everything really well and it will get him used to laying in "the chair" it won't feel so uncomfortable for him next time
*focus on flossing between his back teeth since they are closer together and that's where cavities tend to form
*use a tooth paste with fluoride
*no milk, juice, or any other beverage in bed at night except for water, if he needs it (he will)
*since he takes a vitamin the hard Flinstone type ones are better than the gummies because of all the sugar in gummies (that includes fruit snacks and other snacks similar, they aren't good for teeth)
*they are available for after hour calls if there is ever an emergency, the office phone goes directly to their cell phone, this might cost us extra but may also come in very handy someday with an active toddler

Like I said some of these things are given but I loved the laying his head in my lap advise! He is so stubborn and headstrong when it comes to teeth brushing that it can easily become a battle. I'm hoping that it will become a calming time instead with this trick! The crazy thing about brushing teeth is that he will let me floss daily but hates the tooth brush! We did an electric one for a while but it became more of a toy and device to scrub everything except his teeth! I have to admit that with him we often skip the morning brushing session. We get busy, rushed or I just flat out don't want to have the battle to begin the day so I was relieved that it wasn't hurting us to skip that time. We normally try to brush after lunch and after bath so we get twice a day in most days, probably not as many days as we should but we will be working on that!

When it comes to doctors for my boy or even myself I love when they listen and are helpful. I'm so glad we have a great pediatrician and now pediatric dentist!

I go to the dentist tomorrow and I know my report won't be as great as Blake's was but I do love my dentist! Andrew and I both go to Dr. Webster.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Swindell/Nicholson Family Photo Session

Back in May we had family pictures taken for my dad as a birthday gift even though his birthday was in February. We waited until little Miss Chloe was here to be in the pictures. We used our personal (not really but thats what I call him) photographer because he is the only person Blake will listen to for pictures. He is a wonderful photographer and friend so if you are in the OKC area contact him Kelly Fry Photography!

We went to Will Rogers Park to take the pictures and it was such a cold day for the middle of May. I had a jean jacket and we borrowed moms for Amber to wear. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Just so you know it didn't take this long for him to get our pictures back to us but it has taken me this long to get the flash drive from my mom! ;)

I didn't pick all of them but I couldn't really decide on just a few!

I think these are my two favorite funny ones! Blake was shaking his bottom bon at Kelly!

I get obsessed a little about how we are going to dress for our family pictures. I had a few different color schemes picked out and I asked Kelly what he thought, he liked them all and assured me that I do fine picking out our outfits. He also suggested that the blues & greens seemed very summer appropriate. I had navy, red & white, blues & greens, and navy & corral all picked out but settled on the blues and greens. It was a little more difficult doing 6 of us! Last year when we did just our family of 3 Andrew pretty much picked out our outfits! This year he picked out his, he is wearing a pique Banana Republic shirt and Lucky Brand jeans. The dress I am wearing is from Old Navy and so is Ambers. Blake's shirt is also from Old Navy, his jeans are cheap ones from Wal-Mart (I had to buy them that morning) and his shoes are from Target. Chloe's outfit is from Target as well. I am not a 100% on this but I'm pretty sure Kevin's entire outfit came from Khol's.

Do you obsess about family pictures? What are your obsessions when it comes to picture time?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My week in CO the first few days

My sister is officially making the move to CO so naturally I offered to roadtrip out with her. Plan of action find her a place to live and work then I fly home at the end of the week. I have been looking forward to this trip for a while because 1 it was going to be fun and 2 I was in need of a mommy break.(Moms don't act like you don't want or need them too. It's completely OKAY!) 

Anyway we left on Monday morning for our nice drive through KS to CO. We just chatted about life and everything important and nothing important at all. We made pretty good time and arrived in Denver at about 6 mountain time. 
We went to dinner with my brother who already lives in Denver and is coming up on his 10th year here. We went to a fun little bar/restaurant called Forrest Room 5. It's a really neat place and had vegan food options, double win! After we had ice cream at this ice cream stand. While standing in line we watched a huge storm roll in. The lightening that came with it was intense and beautiful. It started to drop big rain drops on us so we ran to the car! It was hailing and raining by the time we made it home. We all settled in and watched a few episodes of different tv shows then went to bed early. We were tired from traveling all day! 

Tuesday was apartment hunt day. Chris made us oatmeal and smoothies for breakfast. I should have taken a picture because it was awesome! After breakfast I went for a run around the lake by his house. It's called Sloan's Lake. 
View of downtown from one side and mountains from the other. (A little harder to see the mountains today than normal) Awesome! It's one of my favorite places to run. 
After my run Sarah and I got ready then started the apartment hunt. We drove all over close to the area Chris lives in to check out places. We ended up finding some serious NOs and some possibilities. We found this wall beside a high school there in town and it was so fitting for the situation. 
We came back to Chris' and he took us to a Thai restaurant that was yummy. We did some more apartment/house searching on the internet. Then we went to a pizza place called hops & pie so Sarah could apply. It smelled so good in there I was a little sad that I wasn't actually hungry. We did all enjoy a beer before we came back to the house. Our evening plans were a movie at Red Rocks. Sarah and I got really excited when we got to Red Rocks and realized that it was Hunger Games: Catching Fire not just Hunger Games that was playing. There were two bands playing before the movie and the first one sucked. The other one was Boy and Bear, they were Australian and awesome! (Check them out and let me know what you think) There was a comedian too and he was actually pretty funny but I can't remember his name. The movie was so good. It was even better because we were watching it surrounded by the best view for any outdoor movie I've ever been to! 

Wednesday plans are to go hit a few bars so Sarah can apply. We will also be roaming around downtown Denver. I might just convince her to go to the Rockies game! 

Wednesday we went to the Rockies game! We bought $5 tickets from a guy outside. We didn't stay for the entire game but it was still fun!
Before we actually went to the game we had brunch at this place called The Lobby. I had the pickle plate (which I didn't photograph) and a Bloody Mary with cucumber/dill infused svedka, it was so good!
Check them out if you are ever in Denver. We also went to a bar called Star Bar. They have skiball enough said! No really it seemed like it would be a hoppin' place during normal business hours. Also a fun place for Sarah to work since they have lots of new beer constantly. Every vacation day calls for some down time of sitting and just relaxing so we did that between our bar hops and dinner. We also went to look at a basement apartment for Sarah to live in. It seems like it will be a sweet deal if it works out! Yay! We had Mexican food for dinner at Mezcau. Three yummy salsas and margarits. I also had the cheese enchiladas with black beans and rice. Now we are back home to lounge and get ready for a day of fun tomorrow. I have declared tomorrow adventure day! Only a day and a half before going home. (I'm missing my boys so I'm ready! After my adventure day though.)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Makeup or No Makeup

Yesterday at the gym this lady asked me if I was feeling okay today. I was a little off my normal peppy morning game but I still had a smile on my face. Later in the evening I was thinking about how I looked when she asked me if I was feeling okay. She has asked me before when I was sick and other days when I was fine so I figured there had to be a connection with my appearance. There was I wasn't wearing any makeup this time or the times before. I don't particularly like to put makeup on before I go to the gym because I'm just going to sweat and have to redo it! 

It got me thinking though, do I really look that terrible when I don't have makeup on? Do I wear makeup so often that the people that see me multiple times a week think I look sick or not my normal self without it. The lady at the gym isn't the only one who has asked me how I am feeling on a day I don't wear makeup. It annoys me, by the way, when people just assume I'm sick or not feeling well just because I'm not wearing makeup. I know people ask they are just trying to check on me and showing that they care. However, don't have to wear it and sometimes I just don't make the time in my day to put it on!

I decided to do progress pictures of my looks and levels of makeup I typically wear. I pretty much wear my hair the same every day, especially now that I got it cut and I don't like it. I used to braid it but now its too short to braid, sad very sad. Now I just put it up in a ponytail bun and wrap a head band, scarf or bandana around my head. So here we go my different levels of makeup.

First up, no makeup. It's me how I look a lot of the time. I do have earrings in but you can't see them in this picture.
No Makeup
 Next up, mascara, eye liner & chapstick. This is probably my most frequent look actually. It's simple and quick to do. I can slap this on in the car at a stop light. 

Mascara, eye liner & chap stick.
Finally we have my "full" makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner & a foundation lotion mixture. The only times I really do my full makeup are for a date night, or a rare night out with friends. I do a little more detailed eye shadow if we are having pictures taken or for a special event. 

"Full" makeup
I personally like to only wear mascara and eye liner. Sometimes I will wear a lightly colored lip gloss if I can find it at the time. Just because I don't like to wear makeup doesn't mean I'm sick or not feeling well! 

Do you like to wear makeup? How much makeup do you wear? Do you have looks for different times of day or seasons of the year? 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our Dog

Two years ago we had to make a tough decision and have our shi-tzu Duey put down. He became sick quickly with an autoimmune disease and after 3 blood transfusions and much discussion we had to make the decision.

It seemed almost immediate that we started looking for a new dog. I say Andrew started looking for a new dog since I was busy chasing a around a one year old that just learned to walk. Every time he showed me a puppy I fell in love. All puppies are cute and so hard to say no to! We looked for a while and discussed different breeds and sizes. We finally decided on an Irish Setter.

The breeder had a puppy cam set up and we watched the mom and puppies sometimes. They were so tiny and cute. Getting this puppy was serious business. We had to go for an interview and fill out a questioner. She was serious about who could and couldn't buy her dogs. It was actually a little crazy to me. She warned us about how fast the dog would grow and how he would eventually knock over our at the time one year old. I just thought the puppies were adorable but stayed on the fence about getting a dog. (Just to be clear half the time I still don't want a dog! I love to hate him in the kindest way possible.)

Anyway I remember the day we got him really well for some reason. I had to look at our paper work to see what month it actually was, September 2012. I had gone for a run and as I made the turn to come back home my boys were driving toward me. They were coming to tell me that we could go pick out our dog as soon as I was finished running. I just got into the truck with them so we could go as soon as I showered. We drove to the breeders house and checked out all the puppies. They were already a little over 2 months old. I can't remember exactly how many puppies were left but they were everywhere, he came from a litter of 11. We had already decided that we wanted a male dog so she let all the males out to see us. Each one was marked with a colored yarn "collar" to identify them. We narrowed it down to two and I let Andrew decide which dog he wanted. We left there an hour or more later with our new nameless dog that had a purple collar. We also have a contract and all this other paper work that came with him. I'm telling you getting this dog was no joke.

We had a few irish names picked out for him but decided on Coop/Cooper because it was a name that B would be able to say back then. We call him Coop sometimes and Cooper others. He responds to both!

He immediately puked in the truck on the way home. He peed and pooped all over our house forever! He was so hard to house train that it prompted us to rip out our carpet which we had been planning to do for a while. He ate all my stuff and none of Andrews. He was a puppy and he wore me out! (He's a huge puppy now and he still wears me out!)

Now he is 2 years old as of June 28th. He is the most beautiful dog ever. He weighs 70 lbs and stands taller than me when on his hind legs. He is actually a lot bigger than they expected him to get. He is so good with B. We couldn't ask for a better dog to have with our boy. He tolerates more than I could have ever imagine.

He isn't a perfectly behaved dog like I wish he was but thats our fault. He jumps the fence and gets out of our yard. (I think we have fixed that problem right now.) He poops on my brand new flowers in the flower bed. He digs holes, although he hasn't in a while. (fingers crossed) He jumps on people when they come to our house but not typically on kids. He has more energy than a room full of toddlers, I promise. He makes more sounds than any one animal should be capable of making, whining, "talking", barking, yelps, etc. all because he wants something. He really only barks at me when it comes to barking at family members. He has no clue how huge he really is. He is also super protective of B and I. Also of his yard. Funny story- He was out front (Andrew and B were out with him) and an elderly man was walking by. Coop went crazy barking at him in his big dog bark and ran toward him but he never left our property. He let the guy have it from the yard just warning him not to get close to his family. Seriously wish I would have actually see it happen!

Going from having the best little dog to having a huge crazy dog has been and still is an adjustment for me. You'd think that after 2 years of him being here I would be use to him by now. I hate how much he sheds, that he brings in a bucket of dirt with him each time he comes in from outside, that he floods the kitchen floor each time he drinks, that he can put his face on my kitchen table without trying at all and that our house has dog hair everywhere all the time! I can't keep up! Coop wants to be with you all the time just like a kid. He gets on the furniture, which I also hate, but only does it when we aren't home. (except for the bed he tries to be on there as much as he possibly can and he's not allowed!) Despite all the things that I hate about him which like I said earlier I love to hate him, he really is a good dog. There I said it, I kind of like him sometimes. ;) Honestly he is a great dog and no matter how bad he annoys me at times he is our dog. We would all miss him if something ever happened to him.

If you ever want and Irish Setter just keep in mind that they are super hyper and require lots of attention! They really are great dogs but taking one on is no small task!

So at the end of the day no matter how annoyed I get with this huge wild animal we love him!
Cooper didn't want to sit in the back by himself.

See he thinks he is small.

This is how B always wants to take a pic w/him.

Testing out the new harness.

Dog, husband and kid all in the bed = momma getting out.

Coopers first ride with the cage. I love the cage.

Dog and kid on the bed again.

He seems to think my yoga mat is his bed. That is until he destroyed this one. 
Momma take a picture.

Always wants his picture with his dog.

We are cute momma take picture.

Loving the snow.

Sleeping boy, sleeping daddy and a dog on the couch.

My boys, all 3 of them!

Loving the wind blowing in his face.


Blanket rides for B.

What, am I close to you?

Look at Coopers eyes!

Begging for treats

Boy and his dog

nap time

They are pretty much always together.

Just some everyday love.

After a hair cut riding in my car.

Sitting on the dog is the best seat.

Laying together on the floor.

Two boys and their dogs. Katie is the reason we ended up with Coop. She's good and he's not!

Most comfy pillow