Monday, June 2, 2014

Our First Family Vacation

We started talking about taking a trip to the beach about a month or so ago. We had lots of different plans but had nothing set. We decided to just go Galveston for a couple of days while we were traveling to Houston for my husband to work.

I have to be quite honest I was so excited to go somewhere but was worried about how B was going to behave. He has been such a handful lately that we didn't know what to expect! 

This is the first road trip I have ever been on that we just stopped wherever we wanted and had no schedule of when or where to be! It's the way to travel! Much more relaxing and fun for everyone. 

Our first stop was at Turner Falls. We explored the castle, threw rocks into the water, looked at the water fall, put our feet in, and splashed through the water. B loved it! We enjoyed watching him run around and just be a curious little boy! 

Our second stop was Dallas. We just stopped for the night but it was the first time B slept in a hotel bed by himself. He was exhausted when we got there but by the time we made it to the room he was full of energy! He got on the bed jumped around and ran around the room. We ordered him a $10 glass of milk. (We would have if we would have realized it was going to cost so much!) I laid with him for a little while and he slept all night squished between pillows! 

Third stop was to visit family in Katy. B is so spoiled if I haven't mentioned that already! We got there and they had a fire truck for him along with his favorite fireman show (they didn't even know)! We went to city center and had a yummy dinner followed by ice cream and macaroons. B played in the little green area and let me tell you it was FULL of kids! You couldn't walk out there or even sit with out almost getting hit or getting hit by a ball. It was seriously so fun! The girls and B did some shopping while the guys hung out at a bar. The next morning we went for breakfast then hit the road. 

Fourth stop Galveston for some beach time! Everyone has their opinions about Galveston but it was perfect for our first beach trip with B. (After all he doesn't know what any other beach looks like!) We had lunch checked into our hotel and hit the beach! B was not scared at all! We put his life jacket on and he followed his daddy right out into the water! His face was priceless when the waves hit him. He got taken down by a wave (Daddy immediately pulled him up) and he just wanted more! The fact that seaweed was everywhere didn't bother him one bit. We played in the sand (not my favorite thing). He dug holes, build sand castles, flew his kite with Daddy and threw sand! We were at the beach for almost 2 hours and the only way we got him to leave was the promise of more swimming at the hotel! Our second day at the beach started out as more of a pool day because the surf was so rough. I noticed it on my run but didn't know for sure until they put the warning flag up. B and I swam at the hotel while my husband worked. We left there and went to east beach which was on the opposite end of the island. B played in the sand and was covered from head to toe! He climbed to the top of ever "mountain" of sand we walked by. I don't think he stopped running the entire time we were there. He flew his kite again and ran down the beach with it. We showered him in the outdoor shower it was the best attempt to get all the sand off but he was still pretty covered! We had a microwave lunch from the little restaurant then headed back to Houston so my husband could check in for this trade show. 

We arrived at our final destination Houston. We ate dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant called Ninfa's. B really enjoyed the dessert. After dinner we walked to the fire station across the street and looked at the fire trucks and talked to a few very nice fire men. We tried to get B to get into the truck but he wouldn't! 

B and I planned to spend the day at the park and pool but it seems to be raining. Maybe it will stop soon! Until then he's avoiding eating by playing with his toys! Two more days and we are headed back home. 

B has done so well on our trip I can't believe I was nervous about taking him anywhere to begin with! 

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