Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm A Boy Mom

Today B and I have just been hanging around the house. We (I mean I) haven't done a lot of house work but we've had a fun filled day! (I did sweep, dust and manage to get all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher!) Never a dull moment in this house with a 3 year old and a huge puppy. I can still call him a puppy because he isn't 2 until June. Anyway here we sit watching "Mighty Machines" if you have a boy and you haven't found it on Netflix find it and go clean. You have 30 minutes. Seriously GO!

This morning while Blake played outside on his new play set I got a great workout in! I deleted the picture of my set up but I took my computer and yoga mat outside. Double duty! Got in my workout and watched him play plus Cooper got to run around like the crazy dog he is! B joined me a few times for some of the moves he liked. He said, "squats, I know those!" Ha he is used to working out with me or watching me workout! So while we were outside he got pooped on by a bird for the first time ever! I laughed because he didn't even realized that he had black goo all down the back of his head and shirt! Oh I deleted the picture proof earlier too. What was I thinking? It was so funny! After we cleaned his head we also went for a run! First one in a long time but it was a good one! Apparently I deleted all my pictures from before noon before I uploaded them. (Note to self, dump pictures from phone to computer more often!)

As we played in the house before lunch I started thinking about boys. There are lots of posts out there about being a boy mom. Since I have a boy I read them! It may seem strange but just recently I have come to realize that when people say boy mom that includes me, even if I only have one boy. I'm currently mind blown that it has taken me this long to feel confident and comfortable saying "I'm a boy mom!" I'm not sure why I never really felt like it included me in that category, maybe because I only have one boy and most people that I read about being a boy mom from have many boys. I love being a boy mom. In the future when I have another child I'm okay remaining a boy mom! For some reason I find it amazing that boy behavior is similar across the board! I also wonder how different little girls are.

I decided that I'd snap a few pictures of B playing throughout the day to share. (A few other older ones too!) I think mostly because if someone were to surprise us with a visit mid play I would be shocked and hope they understood how boys play! I was standing in the middle of the living room and I was surrounded by cars, trucks, dog toys, and my couch pillows! I should have known not to buy white couch pillows, good thing they are washable!

I have all of B's toys in tubs and buckets. If he wants to play with blocks he can get the block bucket and drag it where ever he wants. (Not until I get them out of the bathtub from being sanitized though) When he wants to play with something he grabs the tub brings it into the living room and dumps it out, right in the middle of the floor!
Naturally that results in a pile of cars and the rest sprinkled all over. Hey its life around here! Watch your step because there is a hot wheel or some other car to be stepped on! When he decides that he wants something else to play with he goes to get another bucket and dumps it out right there too! My coffee table as well as my body are also the best roads we have in the house! 
The coffee table also doubles as a chair and launching platform if he can get away with it before he gets caught. Sometimes I think sitting on the table is the only time he sits down in a day! He doesn't even sit down to eat!

He does love to sit at his desk and do art work though. That's sitting! Even if it doesn't last long!
He loves to play games. It's a new love and the game must only take a few minutes and not have many rules but he loves them. Some of our current games are memory match which ends up being more like go-fish, a new number construction game he got for his birthday, the annoying fishing game where the fish pop up and down, barnyard uno and hungry hungry hippo (loud). Memory usually turns into "momma do you have Ripslinger?" "No buddy you have find him by turning the cards over." "OH!" turns all the cards over until he finds the one he's looking for! The number construction game he got for his birthday is awesome. It is educational and perfect for boys! It has pieces and nuts and the objective is to build numbers using the pieces the card tells you to! I help him make the numbers but he picks out the pieces! It's called Number Construction, if you have a boy or girl who likes to build its a must have! (It would be good for teachers to use in small group too!)

Everything is a toy even if it isn't a toy! All my kitchen utensils that he isn't supposed to play with, he does from time to time. The netti pot, he thinks its for having a tea party like he has with his cousin and Granny over the weekend. The couch is a trampoline. If it's easy to hold to his face its a phone (even though we have play phones). His imagination constantly amazes me, even when it stresses me out a little.
Boots on the clearance rack = perfect dress up shoes.
Yes we let him put them on and walk around the store. We laughed the entire time! He's a kid!

The netti pot. 
The mop is also a toy. I don't mind when he plays with it because my floors are getting a little clean right!
Clothes are optional in our house all the time, well okay not when we have company, then they are required! Keeping him in clothes doesn't happen some days and others I can't get him to take off his sweat pants for anything! He also goes naked in our backyard often. There has to be a boundary somewhere so the front yard requires at least underwear! I'm not kidding!
Naked + mud = best time ever!

It's never too cold to want to play in the water! We almost have to hide the hoses and cover the faucets when its cold out. Playing in the water and mud never get old. We very rarely have a day that he doesn't play in the water. Even this morning while I was working out he was filling his watering can and pouring it all around my yoga mat!
Friends playing in the water. She eventually made her way to standing in the water table too!
Other things that occur daily that I don't capture on camera. Throwing EVERYTHING toys, cups, food, shoes, clothes, I mean anything he can pick up! His hands are constantly in his pants. Why because 1 he figured out he has something in there (about 2 1/2 years ago) and 2 he's obsessed with playing with it. It's just one of those boy things that they never really out grow. He is full of more energy than any adult can ever dream of having! He is also the best at giving snuggles when he wants to snuggle. He rubs my boobs every time he can get his hands on them. Another male obsession that starts early in life, probably! "I like boobs Momma!" were his words to me one evening last week. (Haha if you aren't laughing you should be! It was funny!) He eats all day long, maybe if he would sit down for an entire meal he wouldn't be so hungry ALL THE TIME. (No you say, it gets worse, I guess I'll have to go back to work so we can afford to feed him.) I also love all the statements, comments, etc. that he comes up with that blow my mind. Seriously where do kids come up with some of their stuff!

Over the last week or two I have been struggling to keep the joy of all these things in the front of my mind. Turning 3 has seemed to be such a tough transition that I have had to force myself to step back and take a moment to appreciate all the things he does that are so boy and so toddler. After all he won't be 3 forever (yay) and he will be so grown up before I know it! 

Do you have a boy? Does he do the same type of things? Do you have a girl, how many of these things does she do? Share some funny things or some so boy things your boy does with me! Share some girl things with me to!

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