Monday, June 9, 2014


It all started with a common statement I know everyone is familiar with."Pick/choose your battles" yes that's the one.

I gave up on the battle of nap time a long time ago. It was becoming so stressful for both of us and many days ended with two in tears. It's not worth it. But now I'm wondering can we go back to naps? Not because I want them but because this little boy of mine either 1 passes out at 5pm or 2 is so cranky I need him to get out of my sight by the time his daddy gets home. It's crying and fits from about 4pm until he goes to bed; that's anywhere from 4 to 5 hours per day of pure madness! I have done the laying down for quiet time, reading books, playing with quiet toys, time alone in his room while I clean and even watching a movie. 

Today I tried to do a quiet rest time. I offered to lay with him on the couch or even in his bed while we both just relaxed for a little while. This is how that ended. 

Seriously! Now instead of it being a peaceful time for him to relax it has turned into the battle that I gave up on a long time ago. I hate it but I also can't have 4-5 hours of my day being complete madness and making me want to be anywhere but home. Once again I've decided that this not a battle I am going to fight. Instead I have got to come up with a solution for this 4-5 hours of madness each day. 

I am not sure exactly what I'm going to do about this daily time of madness but I've got some ideas. I have to add that this time of madness is new, it has only been going on for about the last month. This time frame includes dinner cooking time so maybe I can make some adjustments there. Doing more weekend and mid week (Wednesday) meal prep will help free up some of that time so that I can give him more attention like he needs during the cranky hours. He can also help me cook dinner, sometimes I'd rather him just cry in the other room. (Don't act like you don't know how much more work it is to have a toddler helping cook! If you don't talk to me later and I'll accept that you just judged me.) We could also have game time during this part of the day instead of earlier in the day. It may help a lot just to switch some things up in our daily schedule in general. I normally take him outside for about an hour from 4-5pm. The only problem with that is sometimes it turns into an all night neighborhood party. (I actually love that part of our neighborhood so I'm not complaining!) the actual problem with that is neither one of us want to come back inside when it's a nice day. (Outdoor kitchen solves that my dreams.) 

Really now that we have both calmed down from our meltdowns I know that everything is going to be fine. I will make the necessary adjustments and it's not going to be an over night fix. It will take time just like everything else does! Deep breaths! 

Some days when I've had enough or my hormones are making me super sensitive I can't help but have a meltdown with him. I hate that but this is real life and I'm admitting it now I have momma meltdowns. (Not all the time but they happen. Oh and not those crazy ones like the one going around on FB.) At the end of my meltdown I am always greeted with this sweet smile and the best I LOVE YOU! It just puts life into perspective for me over and over again. My life without him would be incomplete. 

During the meltdowns his and mine, here are some of my thoughts and feelings. I hate feeling like I have turned into this "mean mom" in his eyes. He reacts as if I am doing things because I want to punish him or not spend time with him. He screams "momma play with me" even if we just finished playing. The pure sadness in his eyes when I tell him no or not right now is heart wrenching. I hate crying infront of him but know sometimes he needs to see it in order to put things into perspective. I know that the decisions I'm making are to help him grow into the person I want him to be but sometimes it's hard. Nobody ever said being a mom was easy, it's the toughest job I've ever had! Even more the most rewarding job! 

What are your battles or ones you try to avoid? How are meltdowns in your house? Have any suggestions for me to use during my time of madness each day? Share your thoughts and ideas with me in the comments section! 

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