Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Day

Blake calls Easter Sunday Easter Day. It was so cute to hear him say "happy Easter Day" all day long yesterday. 

We spent our Easter in Denver with Andrews brother (Chris), his fiancĂ© (Charlotte) and Andrews sister (Sarah). I started my day with a nice 3 mile run around Sloans lake. 

Then we started our family fun day with brunch at Punch Bowl Social which is where Sarah works. They had a really awesome Bloody Mary bar. I knocked down the entire bucket of celery before I even made my drink! It wasn't my fault though because it was off balance to begin with. Anyway that was my 'seriously did that just happen' moment of the day. The bloody Mary's were good, especially the green tomatillo one! Our food was really good too. Andrew and I both had the hipster has which was kale, mushroom and onion topped with two poached eggs and goat cheese, yummy! Blake had a waffle with chocolate chips and a peanut butter whip. I think everyone loved his meal the best. I mean you can't beat a chocolate chip waffle. 

After brunch we played games at punch bowl. If you are ever in a city that has one go to it! It is the coolest place. We played pac-man, ping pong, other video games and even bowled. It was a morning full of fun and laughs. Watching Blake try to play ping pong was funny! I was a littl scared to stand too close to him because he was wild with the paddle. Andrew, Charlotte, Chris and I played ping pong that was a cross between ping pong and tennis. We got a little wild and laughed until we cried. Fun! Blake and Sarah played games and took a tour of the building while we played ping pong. He was curious about where his Rahrah worked. We also bowled, well Blake and Andrew bowled, mostly Blake. How much fun is a place you can go to and entertain your group of people that range in age from 3 to 38! 
Sarah,me,Andrew, Blake, Charlotte, Chris

Blake got to hunt Easter eggs and yettis at the same time. He was/is obsessed with hunting yettis so we took him to Great Divide. Really it was a win for all of us because Blake got to hunt for yettis and we got to drink beer! We really did hide his Easter eggs all around the room at the brewery and let him hunt for them. He was entertained and loved every minute of the 5 times we hid eggs for him. He also found every yetti in the building and outside the building. 

After hunting yettis we went to crooked stave to sample some sour beers. We sampled every beer they had on tap there. The raspberry one they just released was my favorite. 

We ended our day with a trip to the park and a family style Italian dinner at a place called Lala's. The dinner was bruschetta, Cesar salad, pizza and spaghetti. So much food! We also ordered fried Brussels sprouts and holy crap they were delish! 

The real end to our night was packing up all of our stuff. We completely destroyed Chris' house while we were there for 4 days. Now we are on the road someone in the middle of nowhere Kansas. The good thing is when we get home I only have to worry about unpacking and laundry because I cleaned our house super clean mode before we left! 

I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday. Thanks for stopping by to read about our Easter Day! 

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