Thursday, April 9, 2015

Road Trip Thoughts

I've learned a few very random vacation related things over the last 12 hours. I decided to note them as we enjoy our family vacation to share with you later. ;) 

It is later and here are my random road trip/vacation thoughts from during and after our trip. Enjoy!

1. Excitement will keep Blake going strong for hours but when he's done he's done! He asked where the hotel was at 11pm and passed out seconds later. 

2. Always spend the money to stay in a better hotel especially if it's just for the night. 

3. Cooper is pretty good at traveling long distances but makes sure every person who walks by the hotel room knows he's here. 

4. The wind just might flip the car over. That or lift it right off the ground while driving. (My thought as we were driving through the back end of a storm Wednesday night.)

5. My nose is super sensitive all the time. Just another reason to always spring for the nicer hotel. 

6. Vacations are fun but having a completely clean house makes being away so much more enjoyable. 

7. I should have brought my body pillow not just Andrews. 

8. I packed way to much stuff. I might need an intervention when it comes to packing. 

9. No amount of sleep or lack of sleep will keep Blake from being loud! Repeat after me BOYS ARE LOUD! If yours isn't just wait he will be!

10. It is possible to fit 3 large dogs, one small dog, five adults and a child into a 600 sq ft condo! Even if people are getting take out by two of the crazy large dogs. :)

11. If you are a member at a museum like the Oklahoma nature and science museum you get into the Denver nature and science museum for free! Make sure you check those type of things out when you are on a trip! 

12. I packed entirely too many clothes. Oh wait I already said that, clearly I have a problem

13. People who don't have kids just really don't get it. It = what having a kid really involves. Doesn't make them any less or anything they just don't get it. Just like I don't really get what its like to have more than one child.

14. Blake is adored by his aunts and uncles! I love watching them with him. Makes me proud to call them my siblings and makes making time for Blake to be with them even more important.

15. Vacations are for going non-stop. I like to do as much as possible and sit around as little as possible on vacation. It is exhausting but makes the trip so worth it!

16. Saying goodbye is hard especially when Blake cries but it was really just see you later because we will see them in either a month or 5 months! :) (It's funny for some reason, just laugh with me!)

17. Unpacking as soon as we get home is SO much better than waiting for weeks like I normally do. No more of that crazy business!

18. I love listening to Blake retell his story of our vacation. It is so sweet to hear his excitment when he talks about all the things we did.

19. Helmets during bike rides are a must! Blake wrecked pretty bad and his head was saved by his helmet, so if you aren't making your child wear one I think you should.

20. There is no place like home. (Even if your husband has to fly out for work less than 24 hours after getting home from vacation.) 

Okay twenty is enough! We had a blast in Denver and as soon as I get the remainder of the pictures loaded I'll share our entire trip!

One more!
21. I love running around the lake by my brothers house. The view is absolutely breath taking. I haven't gotten the chance to run a lot of different places but this is at the top of my list!

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