Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

Weekends always seem to go by so fast. This weekend we did our normal Saturday morning errands then watched the OU football game on tv. 

We started out our day at a coffee shop that was new to us. It is a place called Foolish Things Coffee. The thing we liked about it was that it had real food instead of just breakfast pastries. The coffee on the other had didn't hold up Andrew's coffee snob expectations. I didn't love my coffee either but that has a lot to with my choice and the fact that I can't do milk. Andrew and I had breakfast sandwiches and Blake had the seasonal french toast.  I had a cappuccino with almond milk which tasted just heated almond milk. The fruit and the breakfast though, it was good.

After breakfast we went to a shop that I always want to go to. It didn't meet my expectations but we found a cute/funny hat for Blake. The flower shop next door seemed awesome though. I am going to have to make a special trip down there during the week to check it out. Hopefully I will get something pretty! We also stopped by our favorite coffee shop The Double Shot so that Andrew could get his coffee fix and buy some coffee to make every morning. As we drove home Andrew was torturing me with terrible music. I don't know why but he thought it was really funny. I was hating every second of it until it went on so long that it just became a funny game. The look on his face while he picked song after song that I hated was captured in a picture, don't worry. (The band that wasn't fitting in my liking Old Crow Medicine Show; no thank you not my thing.)

We stopped by the beer store to get supplies for Andrew to brew a mint chocolate stout, eww. Chocolate and mint should NEVER be put together in my opinion. I know lots of people will think I'm crazy for that but it is what it is. I'll just go ahead and add in that I don't like bacon either. Go ahead, wonder if I'm even American or if I'm sick. I have lots of other things I can add to the list of things I don't like or could live without that might blow your mind. Not today though! We watched the OU game on the TV in the garage while the boys brewed beer and I got crafty with paper! I love crafting but I also love being able to hang out with everyone while I am crafting. Saturday the weather was perfect so it was awesome to be outside getting my craft on while the guys brewed beer and Blake played with the neighbor kids. By the time the game ended and the beer was brewed it was late and we hadn't had dinner. We went to Fat Guys for a burger and fries. Great way to end a great day.

Snaps from Saturday.

Sunday morning we had a slow lazy start. Blake ate breakfast, I turned down a breakfast option from anywhere that was fast food. I made this really yummy granola stuff with chia seed jam instead. It is SO good! While I waited for my granola to cook Andrew took off for a bike ride. Blake and I finished getting ready then we headed out for the park along the river. I had hoped to get there early enough to get a little run in before Andrew finished his ride but that didn't happen. Blake played on the playground and rode his balance bike which was exactly what he needed. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw him going down the hill and crashing. He was being very brave and got the hang of the balance bike a little better. We had lunch at The Blue Rose. It was good but I chose poorly which resulted in me being sick. (It wasn't the food, it was my weird stomach.) I took a nap as soon as we got home and when I woke up I felt a lot better! I went to the grocery store because we had no groceries. Let me just say that I will never grocery shop on a Sunday evening again. It was crazy busy. Just one of the many many reasons I love being a stay at home mom I will stick to my week day grocery shopping with the other stay at home moms and not the entire family. When I finally got home I sauteed some mushrooms and onions to throw on top of an arugula salad along with some walnuts and avocado. 

Snaps from Sunday.

I also did a lot planning for Blake's Halloween party. I'll share all those details next week since the party is Saturday! 

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