Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Kid Free Weekend

Andrew and I enjoyed a fun filled kid free weekend. We missed our boy but we had a great weekend. 

Thursday during the day I met my dad halfway and he took Blake home with him. I returned home and ran a few errands before getting ready to go to RBar for a pumpkin firkin. I'm no beer expert so I'm out on what it actually means for it to be a firkin but it's something along the lines of it's not super carbonated and it comes from a cask. Anyway it was Anthems "go home pumpkin your drunk" I didn't like it but I'm probably the only girl who wants nothing to do with all this pumpkin flavored crap that comes out in the fall. Andrew on the other hand said it was the best pumpkin beer he's ever had, if I remember correctly. I drank Marshall's Oktoberfest which is my personal favorite Oktoberfest beer. After snacking and having a few beers we went to Hops-n-Buns to eat. Rbar has really good food but we wanted to try something new! Burgers, beer and good company you can't really beat that! 

Friday morning I went to get my last round (for a while) of acupuncture. Is that what you call it round, okay treatment. If you haven't ever been it's worth a try. I always feel so relaxed after going. Then I literally say on the couch and binge watched tv. I wasted my entire day doing nothing but it felt great! I did ride my bike for 30-45 minutes while talking to my sister! Andrew and I went to dinner at The Rooftop in BA. It was fun little place with a nice patio. The pizza was so yummy. Our intentions were to go somewhere else after but we went home and got sucked into date line. Seriously though it sucked us both in! 

Before Saturday even happened it was declared beer Saturday. We watched the OU game at Leon's. Their game day brunch was yummy. We shared the biscuit with jalepeno gravy and goat cheese. I also couldn't pass up the Bloody Mary bar. We had the bob Marley dip around halftime because what else do you do during football but eat and drink. I drank a lot of water during the game! As soon as the game ended we drug our sadness out the door and over to Prairie for their 2nd Anniversary party. We met up with our friends, who I always call B&B, to finish out our fun filled day. The beer we sampled at Prairie was the 2nd Anniversary Ale, Rum Barrel Aged Beer Wasteland and Phantasmagoria (double IPA). My favorite of those three was the double IPA. I also enjoyed a Limo Tint which is one of their table beers. After Prairie we headed over to Mixed Co. Bar for an Anthem tap take over. Anthem has a stout in a can (Uroboros Stout) that I drink at home often but I opted to try the Cherry Arjuna. It was okay but the Coffee Uroboros was awesome. After a beer each we headed to Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa. It was crazy busy and we filled up on lots of yummy food. I ate so much I thought I was going to be sick. That's what happens when I don't eat much between a snack and 8pm. Andrew and I also shared a huge Marshall's Oktoberfest. We all did the chicken dance and some other crazy dance before we called it a night. We were away from home all day!

Sunday we slept until the last minute possible then jumped up and ate our strudel that we brought home from Oktoberfest. It was SO good and I'm a big fan of the cheesecake one. I have resisted eating the other half that is tempting me in the fridge. I can't believe I have to wait until next year to eat one again. My parents arrived with Blake a little before noon and we headed out to Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch.

Basically it seems like we drank on our weekend without our boy. We did drink but we also enjoyed some much needed time just the two of us. I feel like every couple that has children needs a weekend or even just a day to be with each other because life gets crazy. We enjoyed our weekend but were so happy to have our boy back at home with us!

The only picture I took all weekend was of my beer. Haha! I'll share our visit to the pumpkin patch as soon as I get those pictures from Andrew!

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