Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Projects Have Taken Over

Do you ever have so much to say that you have no idea where to start? I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with so much going on in my head and outside of my head. We have been doing project after project around the house, Blake has started preschool and I have decided to recommit myself to the Tone It Up lifestyle. So where do I start? How about with the projects that have been making our house a complete disaster area!

The first project was the play room. I decided a while back that we should turn our guest room into a playroom so that we could use that space in our house. I decided with some help from my friend Megan! She asked me why we didn't make it a play room to begin with and I literally sat there dumbfounded. I had no answer for it we just didn't and I had never even thought of it. I went into action after quickly running the idea by Andrew. I swapped bedroom furniture with my parents and sold our old bed frame. As soon as the room was cleared out we (Andrew, Dad, Mom, Blake and I) ripped out the carpet. No it doesn't take that many people to rip the carpet out of a 12X14 room but we all worked on it together! Over the next few weeks I started the prep to stain the concrete in there which involves grinding the floor to get all the paint off then cleaning it up to remove all the debri. (Our house has mostly stained concrete floors. Someday it will be entirely stained concrete.) It took about 4 weeks to actually complete the playroom to a usable state. Mostly because we traveled almost every weekend once we started working on it. I'm happy to say that it's finished minus the decorations. I'm still undecided on decorations for in there. I know for sure that I want a play room sign something like this. 
The decorations are no hurry for me honestly because we have other projects in the works to finish first. Blake playing on his new rug in his finished playroom!

The next project we did was rip out our master bathroom counter and vanity. (We had a mishap with a candle that prompted the replacement of the sinks and counter tops in there.) Andrew found a great deal on a slab of granite for our master bath so we started working on replacing that while finishing up the playroom. We took the vanity all the way out and reprinted it because we have bigger plans for the bathroom! I swear just the sanding and painting of the vanity alone has driven me crazy! I hate painting cabinets! Anyway we built a shelf, put in sinks, new faucets, granite, moved the vanity, and framed out the mirror. I just need to put everything back in place and that can have a DONE stamp too! 
Midway progress
Final picture coming...

The only project we have going that has hit a stall in tearing out the tile in our kitchen. Honestly when I cut the end of my finger cleaning up te tiles I stopped working on it. Plus I am not a fan of chipping out tile. Hopefully the tile will at least be out by my birthday at the end of the month! (Hint hint!) 
Progress so far

That completes the projects for now! We will have more soon because the kitchen floor, Blake's bathroom, master bedroom and laundry room floors all need to be stained! 

Blake started preschool. That has me going crazy. I'm excited, sad, you name it. My feelings on that are enough for their own blog post! 

I have also decided to recommit myself to the Tone It Up lifestyle. I have been going back and forth with it for a while but it's time to turn the focus back on. If you are interested in joining me for the FriskyFall challenge through tone it up let me know. It's free and so much fun! 

There it is projects have been making me crazy lately. We can never have just one project going at a time. We always have multiple going which makes it so much more difficult for me. I get overwhelmed for some reason and everything gets away from me. During projects I always feel like my house is a disaster because even if I clean it there is always something that needs to be put away once the project is finished. I can breathe a huge sigh of relief as I put the vanity doors back on today and put our bathroom back together! 

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