Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was busy but so much fun. It is spring time which means all weekends are about to be busy but when things slow down I won't know what to do with myself!

Saturday morning started out with me attending a baby shower for one of my beautiful friends. My boys went for breakfast then went fishing. I had to leave the baby shower early so we could head to OKC for some family time. Before we left though I ran to the mall to get my sunglasses fixed. The screw fell out months ago and I kept forgetting to go have them fixed. Now I can alternate between my workout sunglasses and my "fashion" sunglasses! Yay! While at the mall I also stopped by my favorite little boutique. They have so much cute spring stuff in right now! I have my eye on this beautiful lilac dress to wear to a wedding in May. I'll share as soon as I get it. :) After a kid free morning for me and a fun father son morning for my boys we threw some clothes in a bag and jumped in the car to head to OKC. When I say threw some clothes in a bag I'm not kidding that's exactly what I did. I had to take one cute outfit but other than that we just needed clothes to lounge in.

Once in OKC we went to my parents house. It was a nice day so we just hung out on the patio and watched Blake play in the back yard. Eventually family and friends gathered to dye easter eggs. My dad grilled hotdogs, hot links, and chicken sausages for everyone. I don't think I even finished eating before the kids were ready to dye easter eggs. Blake was very anxious and excited to get the colors mixed and dye his eggs. It was my nieces first time to dye eggs and I think she enjoyed herself. Her blue hand proved it! After dying eggs Blake ran around shooting people with his water gun he got in his easter basket. It was not warm enough for water play but he and Xander (family friend) had a great time squirting everyone.

I tried to take pictures but I was a little scared to get to close to the table with my nice clothes on. Here are a few that I did snap on my phone.

Sunday we started the morning off with a pancake breakfast, Blake's favorite! Mom and I had a wedding shower to attend in the afternoon and the boys (Andrew, my dad, Blake) went to Norman. Blake has been talking about going to OU for a few days now to see where Daddy went to school. Andrew said he (Blake) loved that everything had OU on it. He even wanted his picture by a trashcan. Ha! Mom and I ended up parting ways before the shower so she could go pick up the grandmothers and so I could go with my Aunt Stacey to help set up the shower.

The wedding shower was for my cousin Jarrett and his future wife Jenn, lets just call her my cousin too! She is the cutest sweetest girl and they are so perfect together! Her mom threw her the perfect wedding shower. The games were fun, the food was fantastic, the company was top notch and the venue was perfect. (I'm just going to throw this out there if you need a venue in OKC look up Dunlap Codding. It is a law firm but they rent their space out for really cheap. It has a full kitchen, large room and opens up to a cute little patio.) Anyway we had a great time at the shower and I wish I could share pictures with you but unfortunately I lost them all when I switched to a new to me phone this morning. Serious palm to the forehead moment. I managed to get one picture on my Instagram before I lost them all. If you follow me there then you saw the beautiful bride to be! If you don't follow me there first, you should, second you can see the picture here.

After the shower we had dinner with my parents and grandparents on both sides as well as my brother and niece. We stopped by Andrew's moms house to visit with her quickly before heading back home. We finally made it home last night at 11pm.

Whew what a busy but fun weekend. This weekend was just what I needed though. I sort of disconnected from the social media world and my phone in general. I was able to spend enough time away from Blake that when he did crazy things today I was able to smile at his cuteness instead of becoming annoyed. This weekend cured my momma burn out! As Andrew said earlier, good because you are about to be in close quarters with him for a long time! So excited for our up coming family adventure!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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