Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Christmas Crafts

I started out the holiday season by making a few christmas crafts. It just doesn't seem right to start decorating for christmas without making something cute to decorate with. Let's be honest I am still doing christmas crafts! I will put the finishing touches on a few tonight and also do a new one with a friend! Crafting is fun!

I made two banners mostly because I couldn't decided which one I wanted to make. I wanted one that said "believe" but also one that said "let it snow". I decorate for christmas with snowmen so the "let it snow" banner seemed more fitting. The colors didn't match my stockings though so the "believe" banner became a must. I wasn't in love with the "believe" banner at first but the longer it has hung on the fire place the more it has grown on me. Not to mention the many many compliments I got on it during our cookie decorating party. I have no details on how to make the banners but I used my cricut to cut everything out. I individually glittered the stockings on the "believe" banner but used glittered card stock on the "let it snow" banner.
let it snow

My mom and I painted a reindeer on canvas. We found one that we liked from those wine and canvas places and just copied it. It never seems to work out that we are able to actually go to the wine and canvas painting places to paint. I'm just glad that we are capable of recreating things that we see! I didn't copy the one exactly. I left out things that I thought would mess up the look of my painting if I did them!

I also made the grandparents "mistletoes" canvases. I did just Blake's feet on one for my MIL and Blake and Chloe's feet on one for my parents. As with every craft I would have done this a little different if I did it again but it looks fine!
Mistletoes #1

I made our christmas cards this year. I was going to make all of them using the cute reindeer from my cricut cartridge but ran out of patience. (I think the fact that we all had a stomach bug played a big part in that.) I cleaned everything up and sanitized everything before I was actually finished cutting out all my pieces and I just didn't have the energy after being sick to get it all back out. I am so thankful for people who have the skills to make images on the computer and that share them for free for us non image savvy people! I used a free printable Delia created over at DeliaCreates. I love the way the cards turned out and love even more that I was able to put a picture in them that people can keep and frame if they want! 
The front of one of our Christmas cards. 
I ended up not writing Happy Holidays on all of the reindeer cards because I liked the way it looked without the writing better. As soon as I get to my parents house I will take a picture of an actual completed reindeer card to share since I forgot to take one before I mailed them all out!

The final christmas craft I did was make these cute christmas trees. I found the idea on the internet because lets face it I could have never come up with this on my own. I made them for Blake's teachers and will place the gift cards we (as a class) got them under the trees like gifts. I actually love these and would use them as decorations.  

Tonight I am going to paint another canvas with a friend. We are making one that we wanted to go paint today but couldn't because she is working and I am too! Being a stay at home mom is work!

Happy Holidays! 

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